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Clubs & stuff

Everyone wants to know what's in my bag.  As long as its only 14 clubs and ones I am hitting straight, I'm happy.  But I do like these.......



Driver - Titleist [whatever works that week]

3 Wood - M2 16.5 Titleist

3 iron - PING i-blade

 - 9 iron - TITLEIST 718 MB blades

46 degree wedge - Titleist SM7

50 degree wedge- Titleist  SM7

54 degree Wedge - Titleist SM7

60 degree Wedge - Titleist SM7

Putter...  SOOOO changing it...




BAG and Hat  -  DONG A PHARM


Ball - Titleist Pro V.1X

Glove - Footjoy

The Shoes - Footjoy

And no matter where I am in the world, I like food that makes your eyes water and cars that get you were you are going, quickly... I get carsick... my excuse and I am sticking to it.

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