27th August   Week 2 of the run to Christmas.  Nice warm up at the D and D Real after 2 weeks at home in Florida watching the thunderstorms  each afternoon.  Back to business.....

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 stuff you might not know..

- Golf wasn't my first or favourite sport as a kid.  Cricket was the bomb until I was 14, and I represented the Northern Territory in it's schoolboy golf team.  Loved those days off school to represent my school and state!


-  Before I decided to make golf my profession, I was a night cleaner at a hospital so that I could play and practice all day.d

-  In 2012 my thryoid was completely removed... at about 15 times the normal size

- Despite my reputed love of cars, all our cars are over 10 yrs old...   they were until I bought the wife a new Sorrento to schlepp the kids around... and then it towed my next car which broke down after 2 miles... i guess i had better stop buying old cars and definitely not at a Mecum Auction!